Episode 156 – Crowds Love A Sale

Darren and JJ celebrate their 3 years of doing Neocash Radio! Venezuela looks to seize and jail factory owners who do not keep the machines running. Donald Trump thinks the US can print money to avoid a default forever. Mycelium wallet looks to grow with a crowd sale. News and views from Bitcoin Core. Ethereum news and the DAO crowdsale keeps climbing to $106 Million.



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Episode 155 – The FBI Hates TOR Users and Other State Shenanigans

Neocash Radio was right about Dr. Craig Wright last December. BitPay offers a bitcoin based pre-paid VISA card. 21 Inc. wants to make everything a bitcoin machine but that may have issues. The DAO has been the 3rd most successful crowdfunding operation so far. TOR users beware, the FBI will target you. Liberty Reserve founder sentenced to 20 years. Saudi Oil Chief fired by Saudi King. Venezuela and Zimbabwe round out the international news.

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Episode 154 – The Ethereum DAO Is Now Live

Puerto Rico is facing dark times at their debt crisis grows more dire. Valve’s Steam video game platform now accepts Bitcoin for their more than 125 million users. CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 Conference looks to have a few surprises. A Russian bill seeks to outlaw bitcoin use and jail users. Japan unveils their first blockchain consortium. Plutus combines bitcoin and ethereum as they offer their initial crowd sale. A look at the Ethereum Project’s The DAO. Finally a review of Dash.


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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1293

Silver up $17.82

Oil down $39.59

DOW down 17,773

30Y UST down 2.6796%


Crypto Markets

BTC down $449

LTC  up $3.69

Dash up $6.77

Ether up $8.60

Doge 50 satoshis



Puerto Rico on the brink of default


Steam now accepts bitcoin


CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 Conference starts on Monday.


Russian bill will jail bitcoin users


Japan’s first Blockchain Industry Consortium is formed


Plutus announces crowd sale


Ethereum DAO is now live


A look at DASH


Episode 153–FOMC, QE4, and Shapeshift Hack

Bitcoin NG white paper, Federal Reserve meeting next week, is QE4 on the horizon?  BTCC deploys more nodes,  ShapeShift Hacked is it an inside job?

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Traditional Markets

Gold: 1232.20
Silver:  16.95
Oil 43.75
DJIA 18003
30 year.  2.70

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin  462 up over 10%
Litecoin 3.51
Ether 8.09
Dash 6.59


ShapeShift an inside job?


Bitcoin NG


FOMC meeting




Node Centralization


Episode 152–Legal Conference and Brazil Prime Minister Impeached?

Lisa reports on a Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology National Institute conference out of Washington DC.  Brazilian prime minister might be impeached today.  IMF will try to spur more economic growth.  Can they really outlaw math?


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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold: 1234.10
Silver:  16.22
Oil 40.40
DJIA 17897
30 year.  2.56

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin  427
Litecoin 3.24
Ether 9.57
Dash 6.44


Mycelium Pulled from Apple


Lisa Reports on DC

Impeach Brazil’s Prime Minister


IMF to Spur Economic Growth?


Outlaw Math?


Episode 151 – Open Bazaar Developer Chris Pacia

Open Bazaar Lead Back-end Developer Chris Pacia joins us in-studio to talk about OB and his viral video about the 1.4 Million dollar TSA app. The Panama Papers drop a bombshell on the elite. Senate Bill seeks to destroy strong encryption in the United States. Japan runs out of Bonds to sell.


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Episode 150 – Most of the Bitcoin Network Can Handle 4MB Blocks

A Cornell study finds most of the network can handle 4MB blocks. Long-term bitcoin outlook shows a massive power requirement. Reddit and National Security Letters. Yuan overnight rate plummets to negatives in Hong Kong. Russia bans a board game because it makes communism look bad.



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Episode 149 – BitPay Offers A BIP and Japan Looks to Tax Bitcoin

BitPay presents a BIP to solve the blocksize debate. Japan has bills in process to recognize bitcoin and tax it. The NSA will be giving warrantless wire-tapped communication data to Domestic policing agencies for non-terrorism related cases. Venezuela tells workers to stay home in order to conserve power. Ethereum updates and a first look at Expanse.


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Episode 148 – VC Interest Moves to Ethereum

BTCC, formerly BTCChina, is backing Bitcoin Core development because they “know what they are doing”. The latest release from Ethereum and why Nasdaq is shifting from Bitcoin to Ethereum. South Korea joins the rally for a cashless society. US Inflation higher than predicted.


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