Decrypting Bitcoin: The Blockchain Technology Explained” was created by Neocash Radio co-hosts JJ Epic and Randy Clemens to discuss many of the questions people have about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. It’s a great primer for understanding how Bitcoin works, why Bitcoin matters, how blockchains are transforming the world, and how anyone, anywhere can easily get started using Bitcoin!

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There are many places to read more about Bitcoin.  You might check out the following sites:

Bitcoin main page:
Bitcoin introductory page:
Bitcoin wiki (can be technical):

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency which started in 2009.  It relies on cryptographic proof, and a distributed public ledger to create an audit-able currency with no counter party risk.  Never before in the history of humanity has such a secure currency been available.  Bitcoin is accepted for a growing number of goods and services.  It knows no borders, and it offers a level of anonymity to its users.  To be completely anonymous takes some work.


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The History of Bitcoin

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