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Episode 39 – Emerging Market Worries with Special Guest Robert Mathias

Bitcoin stabilizing in price.  Robert Mathias joins us and discuses his recent purchase of a car in New Hampshire.  Discussion of emerging markets, even more trouble in Argentina.  Is the federal reserve causing these troubles?  Is the US dollar on a sustainable path?  If not why is it still a reserve currency?

Episode 37 – Proliferation of Altcoins, Including Ethereum

Fox News interviews our very own Darren at the bitcoin meetup.  Dogecoin, is it really a thing?  Coinye being sued.  Overstock C.E.O. critical of Paul Krugman.  Is Overstock accepting bitcoin a turning point in bitcoin market evolution?  Bitcoin API from our BitPay allows your paycheck to be in bitcoin.  Ethereum is this the next step for cryptocurrencies.

Jerry discusses his loss of his farm in Tennessee

This week, Jerry has a little fun with the show.

Bitcoin news that may be interesting to our listeners include:

The European Banking Authority puts out a warning on bitcoin.  However almost everything in the warning is already known.

This was rebutted by an organization calling itself “The Bitcoin Organization.”  Which is a warning about fiat currencies. 

The Associated Press does a story about Europe’s first bitcoin ATM.

FINCEN sends letter to creator of casascius coins; orders suspended.

India Catches bitcoin fever

Episode 31 – Bitcoin and Litecoin to the Moon

Bitcoin tops a $1000 in the US and Litecoin is also climbing in price : Bitcoin hashrate seen increasing substantially : Small US town Police Chief asks to be paid in bitcoin : Man throws out old hard drive with 7500 BTC on it and is now digging in the landfill : Silicon Valley is backing bitcoin : Man has donations made to his wallet based on TV appearance : How-to buy litecoin

Episode 30 – Bitcoin breaks $1000 in China

Bitcoin Nodes new

This has been a fascinating and exciting week for bitcoin.  The price gets close to $1000 in US markets, while Chinese markets temporarily blow past $1000.  China central bank official has remarks favorable to bitcoin.  FEC disallows bitcoin contributions.  Senate Hearings.  Korea favorable tax policy for bitcoin, while Norway and Sweden are not as friendly.  Securing your wallet.  Media explosion.