The Poloniex Pumphouse, Can Rootstock Save Bitcoin, Ethereum is Catching Up

Can Rootstock save bitcoin from the depths of Mempool hell? Bitcoin’s market dominance has fallen. Poloniex pump and dump trends and a warning to crypto traders. Listener mail from NXT’s director of marketing. Shapeshift is going to switch to a smart contract model. Ethereum reaches 50% of bitcoin’s transaction volume. Enterprise Ethereum is going strong. TokenCard talk with a reddit AMA with the founder Mel Gelderman.

All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 207 — Wednesday, May 17th, 2017!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below! Be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ, Darren, and Pedro!

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,260 Bitcoin (BTC) $1,820
Silver $16.86 Ethereum (ETH) $89.05
Oil $48.99 DASH $82.87
Dow Jones 20,641 points Zcash (ZEC) $91.81
30Y UST Yield 2.906% Monero (XMR) $27.80
Litecoin (LTC) $24.04

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Episode 153–FOMC, QE4, and Shapeshift Hack

Bitcoin NG white paper, Federal Reserve meeting next week, is QE4 on the horizon?  BTCC deploys more nodes,  ShapeShift Hacked is it an inside job?

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Traditional Markets

Gold: 1232.20
Silver:  16.95
Oil 43.75
DJIA 18003
30 year.  2.70

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin  462 up over 10%
Litecoin 3.51
Ether 8.09
Dash 6.59


ShapeShift an inside job?

Bitcoin NG

FOMC meeting


Node Centralization

Episode 152–Legal Conference and Brazil Prime Minister Impeached?

Lisa reports on a Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology National Institute conference out of Washington DC.  Brazilian prime minister might be impeached today.  IMF will try to spur more economic growth.  Can they really outlaw math?


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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold: 1234.10
Silver:  16.22
Oil 40.40
DJIA 17897
30 year.  2.56

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin  427
Litecoin 3.24
Ether 9.57
Dash 6.44


Mycelium Pulled from Apple

Lisa Reports on DC

Impeach Brazil’s Prime Minister

IMF to Spur Economic Growth?

Outlaw Math?

Episode 137 – Windows 10 Is Compromised

A look back at 2015. An op-ed from Jeff Garzik about the blockchain debate. US Dollars are used to launder money by Police. Windows 10 covertly sends encryption keys to Microsoft. New Hampshire news. Free State Project hits 92%

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Traditional Markets

Gold down $1067

Silver down $13.82

Oil down $37.07

DOW down 17,425

30 Year Treasury up 3.015%


Crypto Markets

BTC up $428

LTC steady $3.46

ETH up $1.30



A Look back at 2015

Jeff Garzik: Bitcoin is Being Hot-Wired for Settlement

Bal Harbour Police aid the laundering of around $4M of drug money

Windows X covertly sends encryption keys to Microsoft

New Hampshire

FSP 92%

Amanda Bouldin gets big news coverage regarding nipple legislation.

Score One for Consensus, Maybe?

Today it was announced by eight major players in the bitcoin space that they would be running software that is comparable with BIP101 by December of this year. If BIP 101 is adopted, then the capacity of the bitcoin network would octuple, and be followed by scheduled capacity increases.

Of the five main developers, Pieter Wuille of Blockstream supports a modest network capacity increase in 2017 long after a transaction backlog is expected. Gregory Maxwell also of Blockstream also opposes BIP 101. Jeff Garzik promotes his BIP 100 but is concerned about inaction if BIP 100 isn’t accepted. Wladimir J. van der Laan also has a BIP proposal that is not numbered yet. While Gavin Andresen has helped release software called Bitcoin XT that will implement BIP 101 not before January 2016 only if the network supports the change.

There are other developers that have weighed in on this topic. There’s Mike Hearn who originally wrote Bitcoin XT. When Bitcoin XT was first written, it did not change the capacity of the bitcoin network. BitcoinXT was the first client that would support the lighthouse project which allows crowd funding campaigns with bitcoin. It was Mike Hearn who agreed to implement BIP101 in Bitcoin XT with the help of Gavin Andresen.

Other developers currently against BIP 101 include Peter Todd, and Luke-jr.  With so much division it has been impossible for Bitcoin Core to adapt to bitcoin’s expected growth. This fact is probably responsible for the hundreds of Installations of Bitcoin XT and  a few BIP101 blocks that were mined last week.  Some reaction to this divergence from Bitcoin Core spurred many comments about consensus.  There was a growing concern that this sequence of events would lead away from consensus.

Alas, these concerns may not be valid. As there is now a workable, and fairly convenient solution to allow for the growth of the network. This could serve as a rally point. People may now see a path to the next generation bitcoin network. There seems to be no indication the bitcoin core team will not break out of its division and inaction that has plagued that team for over two years. In fact Luke-jr has even suggested that he might change his mind. Could this be the very beginning of the building of a consensus that some people have been clamoring for? Time will tell, time will tell.

Darren to Present at Porcfest

Student's work.

An example of a student’s work: Pascal’s triangle

Darren is officially on the schedule of porcfest. There he will present about ending government induced math anxiety.  He will discuss his Mathematical Playgrounds and  arithmetic promotion he has been doing this year. Darren will discuss how geometry is an appropriate subject for a young learner, as well as a tool that helps boost students engagement with the material. This is a great opportunity to meet Darren.

This year Darren has been teaching young people aged 6 to 11 basics of arithmetic and discussing mundane to advanced geometric concepts. Every Tuesday Darren has met parents and engaged students with planned activities, games, and lectures intended to encourage mathematical thinking and discovery. Students help direct the actives. Lately students have been very interested in the Mandelbrot set. These more exotic topics keep up student excitement level while learning more mundane addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Darren intends to produce children with minds that do not fear mathematical topics, but rather are comfortable with them. This should avoid mathematical anxiety that is such a common result of public education.

Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot Set

In addition to presenting, Darren will provide some hands on activities for young people at porcfest. Anyone is encouraged to observe these activities which are intended for all young people.

Episode 78 — International troubles and cryptography

Bitcoin based login.  Venezuelan arrests to enforce price controls on basic goods like vegetable oil.  ISIS announces plans  for own currency.  Canada mulls over digital currency. Anyone remember Mintchip?  Counterparty recreates ethereum’s smart contract platform. Argentina raids banks targeting money laundering and enforcing currency controls. Russia considers lower penalties for bitcoin activities.

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