Episode 151 – Open Bazaar Developer Chris Pacia

Open Bazaar Lead Back-end Developer Chris Pacia joins us in-studio to talk about OB and his viral video about the 1.4 Million dollar TSA app. The Panama Papers drop a bombshell on the elite. Senate Bill seeks to destroy strong encryption in the United States. Japan runs out of Bonds to sell.


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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1239

Silver up $15.36

Oil up $39.66

DOW down 17576

30Y UST down 2.5502%


Crypto Markets

BTC higher $420

LTC steady $3.21

Ether down $8.78

Dash down $6.44

Doge down 49 satoshis



Chris Pacia:

Open Bazaar

TSA video


Panama Papers



Senate Bill seeks to make encryption ineffective


Bank of Japan running out of Bonds to buy


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