Ep231: Bitcoin Cash Fork Successful, Central Banks Want Their Own Crypto

Bitcoin Cash has a hard fork changing the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm. The central banks are interested in issuing their own cryptocurrencies. Singapore is especially interested in a crypto version of the Singapore Dollar.

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below! Be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from Pedro and JJ!

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,278 SegWit (SW) $7,314
Silver $16.99 Ethereum (ETH) $331
Oil $55.28 DASH $421
Dow Jones 23,271 points Litecoin (LTC) $63.62
30Y UST Yield 2.766% Bitcoin Cash (BCC) $1204

Bitcoin Cash Price Spike and Upgrade

With SegWit2x cancelled, Bitcoin Cash price spikes to $2,600 before settling back to the $1,300 along with Bitcoin price to dropping from $7,800, touching $5,500, before climbing back over $7,100.

On Monday Nov 13th, Bitcoin Cash hard forked to change the currency network Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm to reign in the large swings in mining difficulty.

The change will adjust the difficulty to hashrate to target mean block interval every 10 minutes based on a moving average of the last 144 blocks.

Since the upgrade, swings in mining profitability between Bitcoin and Bitcoin have stabilized.

UBS Head Axel Weber Weighs in on Central Bank issued Cryptocurrencies (ethnews.com)
On November 14, 2017, Axel Weber, the chairman of the Swiss financial institution UBS and former head of Bundesbank, made statements about the opportunities that cryptocurrencies represent and urged central banks to consider creating digital versions of fiat currencies.

In related article from cryptocoinsnews.com, Singapore’s central bank has announced a slew of initiatives during the ongoing FinTech Festival, including a partnership with the Bank of Canada on cross-border payments using blockchain.

On the second day of the week-long Singapore FinTech Festival, Ravi Menon, director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore’s central bank and financial regulator, spoke at length about Project Ubin – the central bank’s effort to place a tokenized Singaporean dollar (SGD) on a blockchain.

Hive Project special interview!

Pedro interviews Domen and Gal from the Hive Project. Listen to how Hive is looking help small to medium size businesses increase their liquidity; check out our special Hive Project interview here!

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