Ep239: Crypto Trading Philosophies, BitConnect Scam Collapses

Darren, JJ, and Pedro are together in this action packed episode. We discuss the latest downturn in crypto prices, trading philosophies, and more! Bitconnect was finally ended — why did so many people not see the obvious scam? The U.S. Treasury and IRS wants a piece of your crypto gains. South Korean signers have petitioned the government to not over regulate crypto. SWIFT is working with a wide array of institutions about integrating distributed ledger technology.

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Since April of 2013 NeoCash Radio has been providing honest, fact-driven cryptocurrency news and commentary. We have self-funded the show with the idea that we would be more ethical and objective. We are thrilled with the growth in downloads, listeners, and feedback.

In 2017 I conducted a series of interviews to see how much interest and audience I could capture. The results were impressive and with that in mind I am trying out a new interview series.


NeoCash Newsmakers

a sponsored interview series

For $1000.00 equivalent in Ether, DASH or Bitcoin Cash I will interview whichever blockchain based crypto project the buyer wishes (provided they consent to an interview). I will give it the same diligence as my previous series: I will research the subject, prepare a list of questions, share the questions in advance and then on a scheduled date and time record a 30:00 to 60:00 minute audio only interview. The interviews will be published as creative commons and typically within 1 to 3 days after recording (depending on weekend timing — I do not typically publish on the weekends). Additionally a YouTube video will also be published prominently displaying the name and logo of the subject.

Please sample any of these interviews for examples of the quality and craftsmanship:

Lior Yaffe from Jelurida

Blog: http://neocashradio.com/blog/nxt-ardor-ignis-ico-explained-interview-lior-yaffe-jelurida/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na9g_pliukE

Eyal Hertzog from Bancor

Blog: http://neocashradio.com/blog/bancor-protocol-interview-eyal-hertzog/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiSF1HgbOiE

Dr. Julian Hosp from TenX

Blog: http://neocashradio.com/blog/dr-julian-hosp-interview-tenx-debit-card-comit/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I–XS3SOu5M

If you wish to take part in this exciting opportunity please contact me by email and include the words NeoCash Newsmakers in the subject. Thanks! jj@neocashradio.com

Disclaimer: I retain the right to reject any interview for any reason. I make no guarantee or warranty of certain results and my interview is not an endorsement or indication of support. I will do my best to make bad audio better. Interviews are conducted with zencastr and the subjects need to access zencastr.com with a pc/mac through a browser. Your mileage may vary.

Tips appreciated!

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