Ep249 Telegram ICO, Verge Hack, Centra Update, and Chicken on Blockchain

Centra Update: I found an address linked to the Centra crowd sale holding 100,000 ETH. Cryptocurrency exchanges charge as much as $3 Million to list tokens and coins. Verge XVG has suffered a 51% attack due to a mining bug. French mega-grocery Carrefour SA is using blockchain technology to show consumers where their chicken dinner came from. Telegram messaging app has already raised more than $1.7 Billion in an ICO but not handing over encryption keys has brought out the Russian Banhammer! News Flash: apparently there is still some sort of debate regarding bitcoin scaling going on — someone needs to tell them the war is over. Darren throws his support behind a DASH proposal for AnyPay. JJ and Pedro visited the 300th consecutive cryptocurrency meet-up in Manchester, NH.

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,346 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $764
Silver $16.75 Bitcoin SegWit (SW) $7,991
Oil $66.49 Ethereum (ETH) $507
Dow Jones 24,814 points DASH $368
30Y UST Yield 2.998%

I have a quick update on the Centra Tech scandal. A listener pointed out a few ethereum addresses connected to the Centra Crowd sale. The last address is holding 100,000 ETH worth more than $50 Million. I will have a list of the linked addresses on our blog with the show notes. I don’t know who has the keys to that Ethereum address but the funds may not have been all liquidated.







A Bloomberg Technology article exposes the pay to play game going on at cryptocurrency exchanges. While it is not for an exchange to charge a fee for listing your equities, crypto exchanges are demanding big bucks up front with listing fees of $1-3 Million dollars. The higher the fee the more dubious the token it seems.

Last week a hacker managed to exploit a bug in the mining software of the cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) and proceed to successfully execute a 51% attack, effectively hijacking the network for a period of time. All told the attacker made off with 250,000 Verge coins. This same project had their twitter account hacked not long ago. The price of the coin is all over the place and a hard fork was needed to remove the blocks created by the attacker. The initial fixes had more bugs but the coin has stabilized and the latest hype is that adult video sites are accepting Verge as a more anonymous way to pay for subscriptions.

Is that chicken on the blockchain? French shoppers can find out at the grocery chain Carrefour SA. The store brand chicken has a label that when scanned with a smart phone shows the history of that particular piece of meat, from egg to store shelf. Carrefour has plans to extend this supply chain traceability to eggs, milk, cheese, honey, tomatoes, oranges, hamburgers and salmon by the end of the year.

I tried to find out more details about the type of blockchain technology used but I could find nothing more. In fact, many of the articles had poor grammar when using the word blockchain, oftentimes referring to is as simply blockchain — not “a” blockchain or “the” blockchain. This once again highlights how little people and reporters actually know about the technology. Protip: use the word blockchain like you use the word internet unless you are referring to a specific blockchain.

Popular messaging app Telegram has raised $1.7 Billion in two rounds of private pre-sale ICO. They are selling their Gram token for use on a Telegram blockchain called TON, at least this is what I’ve been able to glean from a leaked whitepaper. The latest news is that Russia has banned Telegram because the company refused to handover the encryption keys. This is big news because Russia and surrounding counties are some of the biggest users on the platform.

A one sided war

Steve Sokolowski has published a poignant essay on the prohashing forum.  This post resonated with me and I would like to share part of it here:

Two days ago, I wrote a forum post about the Lightning Network at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3728. I didn’t think the post was particularly poignant or that it stated something that wasn’t already obvious.

Apparently, Michael Marquadt (theymos) did, because it seems a pretty strange coincidence my E-Mail inbox received a lot of “Deleted Post” messages from his bitcointalk.org forums the next day. The posts got me to thinking about how he and many Core members seem to be waging a one-sided war, continuing a battle that ended a long time ago. Their sole goal seems to be spending their days curating the Internet to make sure that no remotely sensible discussion about the bitcoin network’s limitations occurs, and being as rude and vindictive as possible towards anyone who disagrees with them. They are so laser-focused that they take actions that are obviously against their own interests. Meanwhile, the people they see as opponents have largely moved on, caring little about a subject they see as settled.

Listeners can find a link to Full post in the show notes.

Anypay Point of Sale vies for Dash Network support

Find out more here:  https://www.dashcentral.org/p/anypay


This past weekend Pedro and JJ were at the 300th consecutive cryptocurrency meet-up here in Manchester, New Hampshire. We had the opportunity to interview a bunch of different people including: Free State Project Executive Director Rachel Goldsmith, Several of the guys from LBRY, Matthew and Brittany Ping, and many more! The audio was pretty bad by podcast standards but I plan on releasing all the interviews by the end of this month.

Also JJ had a chance to chat with Dr. Axel Schumacher the CEO and Co-Founder of Shivom. A blockchain agnostic company that will start putting genomics on the blockchain.

Finally, Pedro and I review the top 3 Hardware wallets under $100. Pedro Picks his favorite and we also published 3 smaller video that simply show how to use each of the wallets. You can find all of these videos and more on our YouTube channel! NeoCash Media

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