Ep250: Vitalik Boycotts CoinDesk, Nasdaq Crypto Exchange, Hackers Keyboard

Nasdaq CEO talks crypto exchanges once the space matures. Amazon has won a patent to help law enforcement and tax authorities track your Bitcoin transactions. Coinbase shuts off service to Wikileaks Store and Cheapair.com. GetFreeDASH accidentally gives out too much DASH. Vitalik Buterin is boycotting CoinDesk Consensys 2018 and suggests you do as well. Arizona is very close to allowing residents to pay taxes in cryptocurrency.

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NASDAQ cryptocurrency exchange

The NASDAQ CEO has created a stir in the crypto-community with some recent comments. “Certainly Nasdaq would consider becoming a crypto exchange over time,” Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman told CNBC “If we do look at it and say ‘it’s time, people are ready for a more regulated market,’ for something that provides a fair experience for investors.” Waiting for the market to mature may take some time but Nasdaq would shake up the scene to say the least.

Bitcoin Transaction Trackers

Retail giant, Amazon, has won a patent that aims to help law enforcement and government link bitcoin transactions to individuals. This subscription feed works in conjunction with the retailers, the telecoms, internet service providers, and government tax authorities.

So the retailer supplies the shipping information and transaction address, the isp gives an ip address, and the government check this against their tax records to find out if you paid your “fair share”.

Coinbase shuts down Wikileaks & Cheapair support

Coinbase has a history of denying service for compliance reasons at the drop of a hat. This time they have shut down service to Cheapair.com and the Wikileaks store. The reason for the CheapAir denial is the Coinbase is no longer providing “custodial” services for merchants. The Wikileaks store was engaged in “prohibited use in violation of [Coinbase’s] Terms of Service”.

In both cases there are other services and coins available to fill the void. In the case of CheapAir, they are going to work with BitPay to enable cryptocurrency purchases. Wikileaks is able to accept payments through coinpayments.net

GetFreeDASH accidentally gives out too much DASH

Dash Treasury-funded project GetFreeDash has suffered from poor programming. The program has already received 300 of the 450 DASH asked for in the proposal. The project aims to give free DASH to Venezuelans who sign up for for it through the website. The system will then send an automated phone call containing a 4 digit verification pin. This is pin is entered by the user before the DASH is sent. Well, according to the website operator savvy users were able to game the system and get more coins. By signing up with random phone numbers and then entering random 4 digit numbers into the website, the frauds were able to guess correctly and cheat the system. The website operator Cryptoridez notes that 40,000-60,000 fake accounts were created.

Vitalik Buterin is boycotting CoinDesk’s Consensys 2018

Conference for a bunch of reasons and he is urging other to do the same. He levels several serious criticisms at CoinDesk not only questioning their journalistic integrity but outright labeling them gotcha scammers. Just as well $2-3k to attend is some heavy rent-seeking.

Arizona is one step closer to allowing residents to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies. The House and Senate have both passed SB1091 which I believe needs to be signed by the governor.

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