Episode 104 – Nasdaq Harnesses the Blockchain Technology

MIT Bitcoin Department calls out flaws in the New York BitLicense. Venezuela reaches 100% currency inflation since January this year. Russian courts unblock bitcoin sites. The White House appoints pro-Bitcoin CTO. Nasdaq is going to use Blockchain Technology for the trading engine. Greece nearly missed a payment to the IMF this week, looks to privatize a port.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 104 – Nasdaq Harnesses the Blockchain Technology”

  1. Hello good sirs,

    Just wanted to follow up on a comment you guys made around 8:30 in this podcast regarding the US debts being downgraded (by S&P) and nothing much happening of it. Just wanted to link you two a couple articles and you can judge the news for yourselves.




    Also, as a fan of the show, it would be great to hear more about how the block chain is being used outside of digital currencies. The CEO of Overstock speaks to this a bit at the end of his speech at the Mises Institute. It’s a great speech overall if you haven’t heard it yet.


    Cheers fellas and keep up the good work.


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