Episode 128 – Banks are Under-Capitalized the World Over

Darren gives us a recap of the Keenevention. The US debt ceiling was raised by a vote in the middle of the night… again. Australian banks balk at bitcoin due to criminal dangers. Venezuela wants to sue a website in US courts. Greek banks are under-capitalized. US banks are under-capitalized.

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Traditional Markets

Gold $1142

Silver $15.54

Oil $46.34

Dow 17,663

30 year treasury 2.924%

Crypto Markets

BTC $320

LTC $3.60

ETH $1.05


Keenevention Rundown
Debt ceiling deal


Australia banks abandon bitcoin


Venezuela cracking down on black market reporting


Greek Banks in the hole 14bn euros


US Banks have new rules that leads to an $120bln shortfall.


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