Episode 129 – War in Syria, Satoshi Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics

Chris joins us in-studio, look for his interview on Wednesday. BIP 101 reaches consensus on the testnet. Reddit moderator looks to limit the discussion and ban Coinbase from r/bitcoin. McDonalds fries cost $133.00 each.Kim dotcom looks to build a private internet. Iran floods markets with oil. War in Syria and Russia’s role in the Mideast. With the debt ceiling removed, the national debt jumps $500 Billion in a week.

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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets

Gold $1089

Silver $14.74

Dow 17,910

Oil: $44.52

30 year treasury:  3.089 %


Crypto Markets

BTC:  $380

LTC  $3.33

ETC: $1.02



BIP 101 activated on testnet


Satoshi Nakamoto nominated for nobel peace prize in econ


Coinbase CEO threatened to be banned from online forum if they switch to bitcoinxt


(also) Jeff Garzik states consorship over the top  https://twitter.com/jgarzik/status/662072709002735616

McDonald’s French fries selling at $133 in Venezuela


Kim dotcom Building own internet named Meganet


Iran may be flooding market with oil


Economics research not replicable according to two federal reserve economists


National debt jumps almost half a trillion this week


One thought on “Episode 129 – War in Syria, Satoshi Nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics”

  1. Keeping ones name out of it so that the idea is what is important rather than the person, is why Edward Snowden only wanted “Edward” to be used. That way there wouldn’t be a personality cult.

    Obviously, his effort did not work out.

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