Episode 135 – RAND Corp: Bitcoin Can Increase Economic Power of User

Bitcoin mining difficulty makes a large jump. 2MB Blocksize BIP proposed by Jeff Garzik. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 0.25% and the crowd goes wild. Argentina lifts currency controls on Peso. RAND Corp report indicates that Bitcoin user can have some positive side effects. AirBitz partners with Fold and the future of wallet integrated services. Russia starts pilot run of a new a payment solution. The Canadian Dollar is weak. A fiat version of bitcoin is being proposed sans blockchain.



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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly to $1067

Silver up to $14.08

Oil drops again to $34.55

DOW finishes the week down 17,128

30 Year US Treasury is up slightly to 2.92%


Crypto Markets

BTC up slightly to $440

LTC down slightly to $3.50

ETH is at $1.00



Mining Difficulty jumps to 93.4 Billion


Jeff Garzik Proposes BIP 202; Block size Increase to 2 MB


Fed raised interest rates to a whopping 0.25%


Argentina to lift capital controls Peso tumbles to over 13 per $1 US


U.S. National Security Report: ‘Virtual Currencies Can Disrupt Sovereignty’


Airbitz partners with fold


Russian Mir Card


Canadian Dollar is currently weak


The Anti-Bitcoin—A Centralized Digital Currency—Takes Root


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