Episode 142 – The Ballad of Bitcoin’s Tragedy and Triumph

The hashrate reaches new highs. JJ is on a Bitcoin panel in Concord, NH. The Free State Project reaches the signer goal of 20,000 while bitcoin based businesses thrive in New Hampshire. Cryptsy is no more and the story is grim. BlockStream has a good week of partnerships and funding. Bitcoin Classic binaries are online now. The European Union looks to further regulate pre-paid cards and bitcoin because, “terrorism”. The White House is asking for a $10 tax on each barrel of oil — underhanded highway robbery.



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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1147

Silver up $15.01

Oil down $31.00

DOW down 16,204

30Y UST down 2.6727%

Crypto Markets

BTC $372

LTC $3.08

ETH ~.008 BTC ~$2.95


Bitcoin difficulty/Hashrate

20% difficulty increase

1.18 Exahash/s hashrate  First time over 1 Exahash

Cryptsy Ceases Operations



Blocksteam opinion piece disguised as journalism.


Bitcoin Classic


EU misdirects funds for a what it found to be a phantom menace


White House wants $10 per barrel fee on oil


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