Episode 144 – FBI Backdoor Back Draft and Liberty Forum

Darren and JJ were at the Ninth Annual Liberty Forum this week. The FBI wants a backdoor into Apple iPhones, John McAfee says it is akin to giving out the nuclear launch codes. Linux Mint site hacked and malware distros uploaded. A Hollywood hospital falls victim to a crypto-locker virus but no word is mentioned about IT security or data back-up protocols. Bitcoin Classic surpasses 1000 nodes.


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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly $1227

Silver down slightly to $15.32

Oil up slightly $29.72

DOW up 16,391

30Y UST 2.6063%


Crypto Markets

BTC up $440.77

LTC up $3.38

ETH $4.58



Apple vs. FBI


Google weighs in


John McAfee weighs in (sound)


Reports of Linux Mint website was hacked and non secure distros were supplied


Hospital falls victim to crypto-locker malware, pays $17,000 to gain access to encrypted files


# of Bitcoin Classic Nodes break 1000


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