Episode 145 – DDoS on Bitcoin Classic and DNS Security Flaws

Cryptsy and Butterfly Labs face lawsuits. Chinese stocks fall more than 6%. Japan mulls making bitcoin a legal currency. The latest news on the mining pools and blockchain upgrade. Bitcoin classic nodes face a DDoS attack. DNS security flaw found by Google and Redhat.


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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly to $1222

Silver down to 14.67

Oil up $32.84

DOW up slightly to 16,639

30Y UST up 2.6402%


Crypto Markets

BTC down slightly to $434

LTC up slightly $3.41

ETH up 0.0149 BTC ~$6.40

Doge 57 satoshis



Cryptsy faces a class action lawsuit


Butterfly labs agrees to a settlement with the FTC


Chinese stocks fall ahead of g20 meeting


F2Pool has cold feet about bitcoin round table

Darren explains the interaction of the bitcoin round table F2Pool, Bitcoin Classic, and other happenings in the bitcoin space.

Bitcoin Classic nodes under DDoS attack


Bitcoin considered for legally recognized currency in Japan


Major DNS security flaw


Antpool Hashrate drops while F2Pools rises.


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