Episode 146 – Darren’s Bearish on Bitcoin

Confirmation delays as the mempool hits 50MB. Coinbase CEO calls the Bitcoin Core Dev Team a threat to Bitcoin. Darren explains why he is bearish on bitcoin and why bitcoin is not an investment. Open Bazaar releases on the test net. France looks to crush encryption with a new bill. China woes as the stocks fall and 1.8 Million people are layed-off. DROWN attack leaves 33% of https servers vulnerable.


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Traditional Markets

Gold $1260

Silver $15.51

Oil $36.33

DOW 17,006

30Y UST 2.6963%


Crypto Markets

BTC $407

LTC $3.22

Dash $4.89

doge 53 satoshis

ETH ~$10.00



Transaction backlogs for most of the week.  High fees and other bitcoin woes.

BTCC Confirmation Delays


Core developers a systemic threat


Open Bazaar


France bill would apply a 5-year sentence for a company’s refusal to decrypt data


China lays off 1.8 Million


DROWN attack leaves around 33% of https servers vulnerable.


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