Episode 147 – Blockstream Conflict of Interest and More ECB Stimulus

Blockstream and core devs are called out for crippling the bitcoin network. Xapo parts ways with blockstream. Ethereum is coming to select Lamassu Bitcoin Machines. Scam alert for the BitcoinWisdom Ad Remover Google Chrome extension. The bank of England looks to create RScoin and the Telegraph posts sponsored content. The ECB increases QE and lowers interests rates from negative to more negative. Hackers steal from a central bank


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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly $1251

Silver down slightly $15.47

Oil up $38.49

DOW up 17,213

30Y UST up 2.7485%


Crypto Market

BTC $412

LTC $3.29

Dash $5.81

Ether $14.68

Doge slightly up to 56 satoshis



Post on Node Counter dot com about blockstream connection to Bitcoin Core.


Blockstream’s Alex Fowler contacts administrator of the website.


Xapo and Blockstream part ways


Ethereum on Lamassu BTC Machines


Chrome extension steals your bitcoins


RScoin and Bank of England


(Noise Alert)ECB boosts stimulus.


Partially successful central bank heist.


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