Episode 148 – VC Interest Moves to Ethereum

BTCC, formerly BTCChina, is backing Bitcoin Core development because they “know what they are doing”. The latest release from Ethereum and why Nasdaq is shifting from Bitcoin to Ethereum. South Korea joins the rally for a cashless society. US Inflation higher than predicted.


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Traditional Markets

Gold up slightly $1255

Silver up slightly $15.79

Oil up $39.35

Dow still trending up 17,602

30y UST down 2.68%


Crypto Markets

BTC down slightly $410

LTC down slightly $3.20

DASH up slightly $6.00

Ether drops to $10.08

53 out of 1000 Bitcoin Classic blocks



Darren reports on freecoast bitcoin meetup

Bitcoin Core and BTCC


Homestead  2nd Release of Ethereum


Shift to ethereum


South Korea moves towards a cashless society


US inflation higher than forecast


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