Episode 149 – BitPay Offers A BIP and Japan Looks to Tax Bitcoin

BitPay presents a BIP to solve the blocksize debate. Japan has bills in process to recognize bitcoin and tax it. The NSA will be giving warrantless wire-tapped communication data to Domestic policing agencies for non-terrorism related cases. Venezuela tells workers to stay home in order to conserve power. Ethereum updates and a first look at Expanse.


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Traditional Markets

Gold down $1217

Silver down $15.20

Oil up slightly $39.59

Dow down slightly 17,515

30Y UST down slightly 2.6722%


Crypto Markets

BTC up $426

LTC up $3.29

Dash up $6.84

Ether up $10.27

Doge 51 satoshis


Bitpay just released a BIP about adaptive block size.


Japan to recognize bitcoin and tax it


NSA data to be used for Domestic Policing.


Venezuela tells workers to take extra days off to conserve power


Expanse – a competitor to Ethereum


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