Episode 150 – Most of the Bitcoin Network Can Handle 4MB Blocks

A Cornell study finds most of the network can handle 4MB blocks. Long-term bitcoin outlook shows a massive power requirement. Reddit and National Security Letters. Yuan overnight rate plummets to negatives in Hong Kong. Russia bans a board game because it makes communism look bad.



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Traditional Markets

Gold up slightly $1222

Silver down $15.05

Oil down $36.63

DOW up 17,792

30Y UST down 2.6012%


Crypto Markets

BTC $417

LTC $3.21

ETH $11.62

Dash $7.04

Doge 52 satoshis



Cornell Study finds most of the bitcoin network could handle 4mb blocks.


Bitcoin Mining and Power usage


National Security Letters


Yuan plunges to negative overnight rate in Hong Kong.


Russia Bans Board Game


Darren was on the FreeCoast FreeCast

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