Episode 155 – The FBI Hates TOR Users and Other State Shenanigans

Neocash Radio was right about Dr. Craig Wright last December. BitPay offers a bitcoin based pre-paid VISA card. 21 Inc. wants to make everything a bitcoin machine but that may have issues. The DAO has been the 3rd most successful crowdfunding operation so far. TOR users beware, the FBI will target you. Liberty Reserve founder sentenced to 20 years. Saudi Oil Chief fired by Saudi King. Venezuela and Zimbabwe round out the international news.

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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly $1287

Silver down slightly $17.43

Oil jumps to $44.56

DOW steady at 17,740

30Y UST down again to 2.6283%


Crypto Markets

BTC up $459

LTC up $3.89

Dash down $6.76

Ether up $9.40



Dr. Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto and you would have known that if you listed to our episode 134 on December 13th, 2015


BitPay offers a VISA prepaid card for Bitcoin users


21 Inc looks to make every computer a Bitcoin Computer


The DAO holds 38% of Ether supply in Contracts


A look at the Toolbox Ethereum offers FinTech


The FBI can obtain a warrant if you run TOR come December



Liberty Reserve creator sentenced to 20 years


Saudi Oil Chief Fired by King


Dogs and Cats are on the menu as Venezuela runs out of food


Zimbabwe to print own version of US dollar


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