Episode 159 – Bitcoin Halving Concerns and the DAO

Nation states are looking at creating their own digital assets. Bitfinex is ordered to pay $75,000 by CFTC. The bitcoin halving could have some issues but a halving event has happened before. the DAO and a need for leadership. Ethereum news and information.


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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1244

Silver up $16.39

Oil down $48.90

DOW Jones down slightly 17,807

30Y UST drops to 2.5126%


Crypto Markets

BTC up again to $574

LTC up $4.73

Dash down to $7.73

Ether up $13.90


End of banks as Nation states eye their own bitcoin


Bitfinex settles with the CFTC


Buy Bitcoin Widget from coinbase


Bitcoin Halving


A case for leaders vs the D A O


Great guide for the understanding and use of Ethereum


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