Episode 163 – The Hubris of “The DAO”

Bitcoin block reward halves, again. Uber switches to Bitcoin in Argentina, Arcade City meets Austin, Texas. Dash spokesman criticizes bitcoin. Ethereum votes hardfork and the slock.it team displays arrogance and hubris. Treasuries and the Chinese market moves.


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Traditional Markets

Gold    $1365

Silver    $20.25

Oil    $45.12

DOW Jones    18,146

30Y UST    2.11%


Crypto Markets

BTC:  $643

LTC:  $4.00

ETH: $10.88

DASH:  $7.40



Bitcoin Halves (again)

A day later the hash rate is still strong.


Uber switches to Bitcoin in Argentina



Dash spokesman slams bitcoin



Ethereum Hardfork



Treasuries, Who’s buying?

China bought $13B in June while the IMF bought $10B


http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-07/china-reserves-rise-on-valuation-as-brexit-boosts-haven-demand  (noise warning)


Chinese Buying Gold


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