Episode 165 – Peter Todd Unsettled by Ethereum Independence

Bitcluster creates a database of bitcoin transactions. Scotcoin looks to be the next player on the altcoin craze. Ethereum Hardfork Review and the dregs of Ethereum Classic. Mycelium to add Dash by October. Coinbase adds Ethereum to their front end retail site. The shift from bitcoin dominance is happening. Caribbean banks feeling the sting of money laundering concerns.

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Traditional Markets

Gold down $1323

Silver down $19.59

Oil down $44.26

DOW Jones up 18,570

30Y UST down 2.2837%


Crypto Markets

BTC    down $663

LTC    down $4.02

DASH    up $9.24

ETH    rises $13.00




BitCluster to snoop through transactions



Scot-coin post brexit



Ethereum has a successful fork

  • Ethereum changes code to block DAO hack return of funds.
    • .01 ETH returned for every DAO token
  • Vocal minority promotes original chain.
  • Difficulty adjusts
  • Minority continues original chain with the name Ethereum Classic.
  • Poloniex lists Ethereum Classic for trading.
    • High volume first day
    • Trading around 7% of ETH’s price as of recording
  • http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-core-ethereum-hard-fork-unsettling-precedent/


Mycelium to add Dash buying and selling by October 2016



Caribbean banking access

Article with speculation


Here’s a factual article


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