Episode 169 — A massive dump of US debt & Bitcoin issues a warning

JJ, Darren, and Randy discuss Hardware wallets, the massive US Debt, ride-sharing apps getting taxed to support the taxi industry, a discrepancy in the Dash blockchain, hacking the NSA, and more here on Neocash Radio Episode 169, recorded August 21st, 2016.

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Traditional Markets
Gold $1342
Silver $19.25
Oil $48.57
DOW Jones $18,552
30Y UST 2.2869%

Crypto Markets
BTC $580
LTC $3.60
Dash $13,19
Ether $11.15
1 Doge = 1 doge

KeepKey and Shapeshift team up for dynamic and secure cryptocurrency trading
The promise of bitcoin is that you are your own bank and no one else should control your funds. And the recent Bitfinex hack is a perfect reminder of the risks associated with using third-party exchanges to hold your funds. Hardware wallets, like KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger are becoming increasingly popular as a result.

KeepKey has just announced a partnership with cryptocurrency trader ShapeShift.io, which will allow users to seamlessly exchange between cryptocurrencies stored on their KeepKey, without ever putting their private keys (or funds) at risk. At launch, there will be support for exchanging Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, though plans are in the works to expand to support other coins in the near future.

Tax on Ride-Sharing apps like Uber & Lyft will give revenue goes to taxis
Massachusetts is preparing to levy a tax of 20 cents per trip for ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft, with 10 cents going to cities and towns, 5 cents designated for a state transportation fund, and the final 5 cents going to taxi companies, a subsidy that appears to be the first of its kind in the United States.

Upcoming Bitcoin Core release may be victim of State-sponsored cyber crime
Bitcoin.org has reason to suspect that the binaries for the upcoming Bitcoin Core release will likely be targeted by state sponsored attackers. As a website, Bitcoin.org does not have the technical resources to guarantee that we can defend ourselves from attackers of this calibre. We ask the Bitcoin community, and in particular the Chinese Bitcoin community to be extra vigilant when downloading binaries from our website.

Court: US seizure of Kim Dotcom’s millions and 4 jet skis will stand
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the American government’s seizure of a large number of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s overseas assets, including millions of dollars in cash, luxury cars, four jet skis, his mansion, two 108-inch TVs and three 82-inch TVs, a $10,000 watch, and a photograph by Olaf Mueller worth over $100,000. Under American law, authorities can seize cash and items of value if they are believed to be ill-gotten, even without filing any criminal charges.

Phisher(s) running Google Ads for Malicious Versions of MyEtherWallet and Kraken
A few weeks ago, we discussed malicious Bitcoin wallets—disguised as trusted, known Bitcoin wallet apps—popping up in the Apple iTunes Store. Now, there are multiple reports of fraudulent Google Ads claiming to represent MyEtherWallet and crypto exchange site Kraken. These ads look legitimate, but in fact redirect users to sites with apps that could take control of user’s funds.

The Federal Reserve opened a Facebook page & the comments on it are AWESOME!
The Federal Reserve has been called “The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind” and rightly so. The highly secretive organization that controls the entire U.S. economy has been tasked with ONE job since its inception in 1913—to protect and preserve the value of the U.S. dollar. Yet in that time, THE VALUE OF THE U.S. DOLLAR HAS PLUMMETED OVER 95%!! You had ONE JOB, Federal Reserve!! In a surprise move, the Fed has opened a Facebook page and the comments have ranged from very amusing to deservedly scathing.

Dash integrated into Jaxx
Popular cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx has just added Dash to its growing line of supported cryptocurrencies. “Jaxx supports and is very active in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem, now we’re excited to be joining the vibrant Dash community”, stated Jaxx CEO and Founder Anthony Di Iorio. “We had put a call on social media asking which tokens we should add next, and Dash by far was the most vocal and enthusiastic.”

Dash MasterNodes asked to upgrade to as an orphan chain appears
There was some inconsistency in the Dash blockchain this morning, caused by the fact that block 523412 was mined nearly simultaneously by two different miners. Some of the Dash network agreed on one version of the vote outcome, and the rest of the network agreed on another version. An orphan chain appeared for part of the day, but it looks to be resolved by this point.

In order to ensure that your wallets are utilizing the longest chain, please upgrade all of your wallets to Dash version To verify if you are on the right chain, please check the hash for the block 523412 – it should be 000000000000e54f036576a10597e0e42cc22a5159ce572f999c33975e121d4d.

Global central banks dump U.S. debt at record pace
In the first half of 2016, foreign central banks sold a net $192 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds, more than twice the amount from the first half of 2015 ($83 billion). It’s quickly become the largest selloff of U.S. debt since 1978, with China, Japan, France, Brazil and Colombia dumping the most, according to Treasury data.

Hackers Say They Hacked NSA-Linked Group, Want 1 Million Bitcoins to Share More
A mysterious hacker or group of hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokers” claims to have hacked “Equation Group”, a shadowy group linked to the NSA. The Shadow Brokers have dumped many of the secret hacking tools they allegedly uncovered from Equation Group, though The Shadow Brokers are asking for 1 million bitcoin (around $568 million) in an auction to release the rest of the files they obtained.

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