Episode 37 – Proliferation of Altcoins, Including Ethereum

Fox News interviews our very own Darren at the bitcoin meetup.  Dogecoin, is it really a thing?  Coinye being sued.  Overstock C.E.O. critical of Paul Krugman.  Is Overstock accepting bitcoin a turning point in bitcoin market evolution?  Bitcoin API from our BitPay allows your paycheck to be in bitcoin.  Ethereum is this the next step for cryptocurrencies.

One thought on “Episode 37 – Proliferation of Altcoins, Including Ethereum”

  1. Like a number of small business owners now I am currently accepting Dogecoin for my business. By the time we stop laughing about the Doge meme (which will probably be never) Dogecoin will be replacing Litecoin as the #2 coin. It serves all the same functions as Litecoin as a speculative investment but is growing exponentially as a tipping and small transaction currency where Bitcoin still has yet to tread. http://www.bitinfocharts.com consistently has dogecoin doing TWICE the number of transactions per day as all other cryptos combined. Astounding performance for a six week old coin. Did I mention since sponsoring the Jamaican bobsled team to Sochi 2014 to the tune of $30,000(26 million DOGE) it will likely be one of the top human interest stories at the Olympics. wow

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