Episode 62 – Gold Mine for BTC and Ether Pre-sale Concerns

Gold Mine being sold for 3200 BTC in Canada. U.S. Median Household wealth has gone down since 2003. Ethereum starts Ether Pre-sale and buyer beware. South Korea and India look to start policies similar to the United States. Ecuador bans bitcoin and looks to start their own currency. Barry Silbert leaves Second Market to focus on Bitcoin ventures. Bitcoin Space opens in Buenos Aires to gather enthusiasts.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 62 – Gold Mine for BTC and Ether Pre-sale Concerns”

  1. Small point regarding the delivery window for Ethereum:
    “This sale will help us fund the continued development of the software platform, scheduled for release in the winter of 2014/2015.”
    That means the window of release is approximately 3 – 4 months, NOT a year and a half. It’s the Winter of 2014-15, since winter crosses over January 1, from December 2014 – to March 2015. So, not quite as ambiguous as you think. Everything will be up and running in less than a year (5-9 months), if their projections are accurate.

    1. Thanks for the comment. As I said in the podcast I hope that Ethereum is successful, I just think more traditional fundraising methods ought to have been used for clarity. I would hate for delays — which lets face it, they happen in the cryptocurrency world — or failure to sour similar future projects.


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