Episode 74 – Scandal, Innovation, and Government

A round-up of the scandals that came to light this week. A Venezuela currency default predicted by Harvard has caused a drop in bond prices. La’Zooz offers a blockchain based solution to transportation services. The FBI wants in on the newest encryption used by phone developers, compromising the overall security. The Stock Market drops while talk of Quantitative Easing 4 is hitting the media. More news from the Isle of Mann!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 74 – Scandal, Innovation, and Government”

  1. By Crom, you guys need me on this show.

    The “first cryptography war” was over the RSA algorithm, because of the “international trafficking in arms regulation” or ITAR, strong encryption was considered like a bomb.

    It was sent across the net, but the source code for PGP was printed in one book, and then scanned in Europe, just to show how stupid the law was.

  2. Yes, the actual law (which has now been repealed) was that you couldn’t export cryptographic algorithms *in machine readable form* (it was classified as a munition). Silly governments.

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