How to Earn a Free Millibit

It is quite possible to get a free millibit, or one thousandth of a bitcoin, currently worth just under 60 cents. The business model deals with ads, lots of adds. Just follow a few steps.

  • First go to Land of Bitcoin.
  • Click Login at the top right of the screen.
  • Then click instant register.
  • It is best to finalize your account by clicking “finalize your account here!” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then you can set a user name and password don’t forget the password

Now you can click “open the faucet and get free bitcoins” answer a captha to prove you’re human, and you’re on your way to earn a millibit. How ever you might notice this is slow. To speed things along get a bitcoin address ready. In a septate tab you can go to a website like Fr33 Bitcoin and put in your address solve a captcha and it will say that you received something like 100 or 400 satoshis. Well on the way to a millibit. You can go to bitcoinker and get even more satoshis.

At this point you may notice that no satoshis are comming into your bitcoin address. This is mainly because the protocol rules won’t allow such small payments. Bitcoin fees make in impractical anyway. To keep track of your balance you can go to put in your bitcoin address and view your balance. At this point you might want to click the button at the bottom to increase your withdraw limit. This will ensure that a whole millibit can be withdrawn at once. Receiving a larger payment can reduce fees later on when you spend the bitcoins.

When your at the micro wallet page, you might as well click the link to go back to Land of Bitcoin. The page that now shows will have several micro wallet faucets. You can click on “Ready to visit” for any of these and get a deposit in your micro wallet. If you revisit one of the two wallets above it’s possible that the faucet will not pay out. Usually, a faucet will only allow one payout over a certain time period. Land of Bitcoin keeps track of these time periods so you don’t have to manually keep track of which faucets will pay you and when. Play around with faucets and then you can play around with some small bitcoin payments.

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