Introducing: Neocash Crypto Radio in Russian!

The Neocash Radio Family of cryptocurrency podcasts is growing!

Yury and Michael have published the first episode of their podcast: Neocash Crypto Radio in Russian! Congratulations to you both!

You can check it out by using the language switcher on the side column —–>

(or at the bottom if on mobile)

This marks the beginning of what I hope will be a sea-change here at Neocash Radio. The first independently owned ‘sister-station’ contributing to the Neocash brand of cryptocurrency news podcasts. No B.S., no hype, no price speculation. Instead we offer fact-driven stories from around the world.

With each new language we will open up Neocash to a new audience. In many parts of the world there is little to no media sharing the news of the day and offering security warnings and advice — especially in the local language. We aim to change that and quickly.

We have additional cryptocurrency podcasts in the works so stay tuned to

-JJ Epic

Co-founder and Producer

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