Bonus Episode — Joel from Dash Force

Joël from DASH Force joins JJ and Darren in-studio for this bonus episode of Neocash Radio! We discuss his history with cryptocurrency and how he got to where he is now. We ask about what DASH Force News is and who is all involved. We talk about how someone could be paid by the DASH blockchain. Other topics include: History of DASH and the DASH DAO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more on this bonus episode!

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In our discussion Joël brings up the private send feature build into DASH and gives a brief explanation. Just as we have done here on the blog he also points to a video by Amanda B Johnson where she does a good job explaining the Private Send feature. Check it out!

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Joël from Dash Force joins us in-studio. Bitfinex hires a 3rd Party auditor to gain confidence among critics. Ethereum-based Mysterium platform aims to decentralize VPN services. The Federal Reserve’s Federal Funds Rate climbs to 0.9%. The Australian Government has deregulated digital currencies repealing the goods and services tax. Peter Todd questions the security of Zcash due to his participation. We talk DASH news and what it’s like to work for a blockchain. Darren has written and published a paper offering up a new solution to on-chain scaling. Is the market caps good measure of a digital currencies potential? The life and price of Bitcoin.

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