Pilot Episode: Sorin Amzu Interviews Ofir from 99Bitcoins

This past week in episode 213 I mentioned how we are looking to collaborate with more people around the world. Well this is the pilot episode of that effort!

I’d like to introduce Sorin Amzu, a podcaster from Romania and crypto-holder. Sorin has two other podcasts in Romanian: Startups Romania and Banii Vorbesc. Sorin is interested in doing more English podcasts and working with Neocash Radio. In this pilot episode Sorin interviews Ofir Beigel — blogger and owner of 99Bitcoins.com.

They discuss discovering crypto and where it made be headed. Ofir relates his experience with 99Bitcoins.com and talks about the dangers of investing in something you don’t understand. …and much more!

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Thank you Sorin and thank you Ofir. Sorin has a couple more podcasts in the works. So stay tuned for more. Do you want to work with Neocash Radio? Send an email to jj@neocashradio.com

Tips appreciated!

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