Purse Interview with Jordan Crawford

JJ interviews Jordan Crawford the Director of Growth at Purse.io and debuts the new NeoCash Radio affiliate link! Purse lets you shop Amazon.com with bitcoin and save at least 5%! Listen to this interview and learn about how you can earn Bitcoin with your unspent Amazon gift cards.

We discuss using Purse to buy stuff on amazon, earn Bitcoin, and sell you own stuff for Bitcoin on their marketplace. We cover the whole platform in less than 15 minutes.

NeoCash Radio is looking for more avenues to monetize the content and service we provide for free. This is one of the ways we are experimenting with. If you normally buy things off Amazon, check it out and save 5% or more!

Use this url to sign up for your Purse account:


and receive $10 after your first transaction plus you can support NeoCash Radio!

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Purse Ref Code for NeoCash

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