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Ep 223: AXA on Ethereum , Bitcoin Cash on Bitstamp, Russia Will Treat Crypto Like Securities

AXA offers flight insurance on Ethereum. China’s ICO regulation dance. J.P. Morgan CEO labels Bitcoin a fraud. 200+ Bitcoin ATM’s on way to Argentina. Open Bazaar 2.0 Beta is released. “Crypto is Currency Day” set for September 29. Boise brings blockchain to city government. Russian finance ministry to treat crypto as securities. Darren sets up a Bitcoin Cash node!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below! Be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from Darren and JJ!

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,322 Bitcoin (BTC) $3,891
Silver $17.72 Ethereum (ETH) $272
Oil $49.37 DASH $297
Dow Jones 22,135 points Litecoin (LTC) $61.67
30Y UST Yield 2.796% Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $503

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Episode 135 – RAND Corp: Bitcoin Can Increase Economic Power of User

Bitcoin mining difficulty makes a large jump. 2MB Blocksize BIP proposed by Jeff Garzik. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 0.25% and the crowd goes wild. Argentina lifts currency controls on Peso. RAND Corp report indicates that Bitcoin user can have some positive side effects. AirBitz partners with Fold and the future of wallet integrated services. Russia starts pilot run of a new a payment solution. The Canadian Dollar is weak. A fiat version of bitcoin is being proposed sans blockchain.



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Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly to $1067

Silver up to $14.08

Oil drops again to $34.55

DOW finishes the week down 17,128

30 Year US Treasury is up slightly to 2.92%


Crypto Markets

BTC up slightly to $440

LTC down slightly to $3.50

ETH is at $1.00



Mining Difficulty jumps to 93.4 Billion


Jeff Garzik Proposes BIP 202; Block size Increase to 2 MB


Fed raised interest rates to a whopping 0.25%


Argentina to lift capital controls Peso tumbles to over 13 per $1 US


U.S. National Security Report: ‘Virtual Currencies Can Disrupt Sovereignty’


Airbitz partners with fold


Russian Mir Card


Canadian Dollar is currently weak


The Anti-Bitcoin—A Centralized Digital Currency—Takes Root


Episode 132 – Bank Accounts Frozen for More Whistle-Blowers

The bitcoin mining difficulty is going up. Whistle-blowers are having their bank accounts frozen. The new president of Argentina is good news for Bitcoin. The BitUnit conference happened in Ghana! News out of Europe included central bank interest rates and more Greek woes.


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Show Prep

Traditional Markets

Gold down slightly $1057

Silver down slightly $14.07

Oil steady $41.77

DOW steady around 17,798

30year Treasury down slightly 2.9976%

Crypto Markets

BTC up $365

LTC up $3.55

ETH down $0.90


Cyber Realm

BTC Difficulty goes up



Targeted bank account freezing


Strange letter correspondence between Ralph Nader and Janet Yellen


South America

New Argentina President



BitUnit in Ghana is happening.


Russian Finance Minister wants to ban Bitcoin but not the blockchain


QE not enough, European Central Bank stimulates with lower interest rates.  


NYSE delisting National greek bank after price drops


Swiss banks pass on negative interest rates to customers.  


Episode 123 – Patents, Licenses, and LBRY.io

Jeremy Kauffman joins us to talk about LBRY.io. The first New York BitLicense is issued. 21 Inc. releases their first bitcoin miner. Bitcoin is ruled as a commodity. An international market update. Bitcoin patents are being applied for.

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Traditional Markets

Gold $1147

Silver $15.13

Oil $45.34

Dow 16,314

30 year US treasury 2.9596%

Crypto Markets

BTC $232

LTC $2.85

ETH $0.72


First company to be issued a bitlicense


21 releases first bitcoin miner


Bitcoin as a commodity


International markets update:

Bartering in Greece


and http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/22/business/international/trading-meat-for-tires-as-bartering-economy-grows-in-greece.html?_r=0

Venezuela worse than media portrays


Brazilian Real weakens to 4 per US dollar

Peso weakens to 9.41 per US dollar

Private blockchain bad for bitcoin


Bank of America files Patent for Bitcoin wire transfer


Coinbase files for 9 Bitcoin patents


Amagi Metals bought


Episode 118 – Greece, Litecoin, Brazil, Argentina, and Korea

Greece to receive 1000 Bitcoin ATMs. Litecoin will half it’s block reward this coming Tuesday. Some Brazilian States are in default. Argentine Security Guru raided after finding backdoor in E-Vote software. US Stock Markets crash this past Thursday/Friday. St. Louis Federal Reserve Official sees no evidence that the QEs had any effect on the economy.

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Traditional Markets

Gold 1160
Silver 15.35
Dow at 16459 WOW
Crude Oil: 40.29
30 year yield 2.74

Crypto Markets

BTC 227
LTC 3.34
Dash 2.61
Ether crazy wild expensive .00594 or ~$1.34

Greece to receive 1000 BTC ATMs

Litecoin Halving Aug 25th

Some Brazilian states in default.

Argentine security guru raided after finding security holes in e-vote system

Stocks drop over two days

Mike Tyson’s BTC ATM goes live

Bitcoin ETF launched in Korea

BitGold! ends 21:17

No evidence that QE accomplished anything
(noise) http://www.cnbc.com/2015/08/18/st-louis-fed-official-no-evidence-qe-boosted-economy.html

Episode 79–Bitcoin Foundation Regroups, China, and more

Conference in New York.  Weedbush and Buttercoin partnership.  50,000 bitcoin US martial auction.  Belgium and Finland rule there is no VAT tax applied to bitcoin.  Similar name to MtGox?  Vitalik wins world technology award. China slashes interest rates.  China intervenes in Argentinian markets.  Bitcoin foundation reduces scope.

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Episode 78 — International troubles and cryptography

Bitcoin based login.  Venezuelan arrests to enforce price controls on basic goods like vegetable oil.  ISIS announces plans  for own currency.  Canada mulls over digital currency. Anyone remember Mintchip?  Counterparty recreates ethereum’s smart contract platform. Argentina raids banks targeting money laundering and enforcing currency controls. Russia considers lower penalties for bitcoin activities.

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Episode 63 – Cold Storage Bitcoin and Argentina Default

Corrections for the Ethereum release: Etheirum is expected out the first quarter 2015. Darren talks about his experience with cold storage and bitcoin. Argentina defaults on bond holders. Overstock.com to pay employees bonuses in bitcoin. Litecoin and Dogecoin merged mining.


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