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EP247: U.S. Congress Crypto Report and FTC Action

Plattsburgh, New York is banning additional Bitcoin mining operations for the next 18 months. MT.Gox sell-off effects denied by Trustee Kobayashi. U.S. District Court and the Federal Trade Commission move against cryptocurrency scammers in Florida. Twitter will be banning certain types of ads relating to cryptocurrency investing and ICOs. The US Congress 2018 Joint Economic Report praises Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring U.S. citizens from taking part in the Venezuelan Petro scheme.

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Episode 98 – Corrupt Government Agents and the Silk Road

Massive corruption found with the silk road investigation on the part of government agents, an Executive order allegedly outlaws donations to Edward Snowden, Diane Feinstein wants the Anarchist Cookbook scrubbed from the internet. Turkey outlaws WordPress altogether, student loan debt is causing a resistance movement and the bitcoin foundation may be bankrupt. And Much More!!!

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Episode 43 – Joël Valenzuela, Mt. Gox declares Bankruptcy, Global Unrest

Joël Valenzuela joins JJ and Darren in the studio. Joël gets his job to accept bitcoin for martial arts training. Vietnam bans bitcoin and a US Senator calls for a ban on bitcoin as well. Britain drops the Value Added Tax on trading currencies and bitcoin. The transaction fee for bitcoin will be lowered from .0001 to .00001 per kb.