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Episode 126 – The NSA Spends Billions to Break Crypto While US Debt Skyrockets

Download the latest client to avoid the upnp vulnerability. Overstocks T0 has first big trade. BitReserve changes name to Uphold and connects banks and credit cards to its platform. Ponzi schemes are still profitable as evidence by the fact that they are still happening. US debt ceiling needs to rise in early November. Purse.IO has a breach. The NSA breaks crypto.

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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1178

Silver up $16.03

Dow up 17,215

Oil down $47.26

30 year down 2.8843%

Crypto Markets

BItcoin $264

Litecoin $2.96

Ether $0.52 (on 18 BTC volume)


Download the latest client to avoid the upnp vulnerability

(Quick) Brazil’s credit rating downgraded


(Quick) Illinois Lottery gives IOUs to winners of $600 or more.   https://www.illinoispolicy.org/win-more-than-600-in-the-lottery-you-get-an-iou-in-illinois/

Overstock’s TØ.com Facilitates First Significant Trade With Block Chain


BitReserve Changes name to Uphold and moves beyond bitcoin


Ponzi Accusations Fly As BanxShares Is Set To Be Removed From CoinMarketCap Rankings


Debt ceiling impasse expected Nov 3rd without legislative change


Customer Bitcoins Stolen in Purse Email Breach


Purse.io Shuts Down Site; Denies Bitcoin Theft Claims by Users



NSA breaking Crypto


How the EFF suggests to secure a SSH server


Episode 92 – NSA Hard Drive Backdoor and Bitcoin Foundation Elections

Bitcoin involved muggings in New York.  Police sloppy with their computer security pay ransom.  Stripe now integrates bitcoin for merchants.  Robocoin allows conversion of regular ATMs to bitcoin ATMs.  Chicago taxi drivers strike because people prefer their competition.  NSA provides serious security flaw in most computer hard drives.  Bitcoin foundation elections.  Does bitcoin need faith?  Bitreserve adds Swiss Francs to their platform.  Greece gets a four month reprieve on their crippling debt.


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Episode 81 — Special Guest Zach from Lamassu, Bitcoin Bank Goes Gold

Neocash Radio extends a hearty welcome to Zach from Lamassu.  Dow hits a new record.  Zach discusses his thoughts on the bitcoin ecosystem.  Bitcoin integrated into Romanian payment processor.  Hating on mastercard hating.  Bitreserve includes gold an an option.  Blockchain.info pulled from bitcoin.org over security concerns.  UK internet porn filter catches watchdog group.


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