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Episode 130 – There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch… or College

UBS Chairman loves the blockchain, hates bitcoin. Gold buying spree in China and elsewhere as the price is down. Venezuela threatens hoarders with jail time as conditions worsen. Bitcoin: be your own bank. College education can’t possibly be free, someone is going to pick up the tab.


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Traditional Market

Gold $1084

Silver $14.28

Oil $40.73

DOW 17,245

US 30y Treasury 3.056%

Crypto Markets

BTC $323

LTC $3.05

ETH $0.99


UBS Chairman: Bitcoin Currency Will Fail, Has No Lender of Last Resort


Gold buying spree in China



Venezuela threatens hoarders


Bitcoin Bank


Bitcoin Core


Weak Jobs Report


Bitcoin overtakes yuan on Google trends


US Backs Adding The Yuan to Special Drawing Rights


Episode 113 – BRICS Summit and Greek Pitfall

BRICS nations met for a Summit this past week. RC4 security vulnerability may affect bitcoin users. Greek news wrap-up for the week. Socialized losses for Litecoin margin traders. The bitcoin blockchain debate still sees no consensus.

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Show Notes:


DJIA up to 18086

Gold down to 1133

Silver down to 14.84

Oil down to 50.78

30 year treasury down to 3.08%


BTC down to $274

LTC down to $3.71

Doge 63 satoshis


BRICS Summit


Bitcoin Platform Vulnerability


+Greece News

Austerity Measures Votes on with Violent Protests outside


Banks Reopen


German Loan?



Socialized Losses



Block Size Debate



Episode 109 – Don’t Steal, The Government Hates Competition

UK residents are encouraged to hold onto more cash. A college student has his life savings of $11,000 taken by the DEA and not charged with a crime. The first movie to accept bitcoin for theater tickets. Silk Road Investigator and Secret Service agent pleads guilty to charges. A bank run may be occurring in Greece. The Blockchain debate gets input from Chinese miners. JJ and Beau will be at Porcfest this coming week so look for a prerecorded show next Sunday!


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Episode 106 – Forks, Hacks, and BRICS

BitStamp announces a bitcoin debit card for Europeans. The Internal Revenue Service gets hacked and exposes 100,000 individuals. Businesses in Venezuela are switching over to US Dollars. The Ethereum test net suffered a fork. Blockchain.info is recommending Android users update their apps to solve a duplicate address issue. The Bitcoin Block Size debate continues. The BRICS nations are creating a bank.


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Episode 104 – Nasdaq Harnesses the Blockchain Technology

MIT Bitcoin Department calls out flaws in the New York BitLicense. Venezuela reaches 100% currency inflation since January this year. Russian courts unblock bitcoin sites. The White House appoints pro-Bitcoin CTO. Nasdaq is going to use Blockchain Technology for the trading engine. Greece nearly missed a payment to the IMF this week, looks to privatize a port.


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Episode 81 — Special Guest Zach from Lamassu, Bitcoin Bank Goes Gold

Neocash Radio extends a hearty welcome to Zach from Lamassu.  Dow hits a new record.  Zach discusses his thoughts on the bitcoin ecosystem.  Bitcoin integrated into Romanian payment processor.  Hating on mastercard hating.  Bitreserve includes gold an an option.  Blockchain.info pulled from bitcoin.org over security concerns.  UK internet porn filter catches watchdog group.


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Episode 75 – Sidechains Offer a Bright Future for Bitcoin

The European Central Bank puts euro-zone banks through a stress test. CNET creator Halsey Minor creates a Bitcoin reserve bank. China is back in the bitcoin news. Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures adds compliance features to their Bitcoin Machines. Sidechains and Blockstream create endless opportunities. Apple Pay compared to Bitcoin. The health of the Bitcoin community.

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Episode 64 – Africa, Britain, and Crypto-Contracts

Bitcoin looks to help people in Africa. Britain is looking at regulating bitcoin as a currency. Buy precious metals with bitcoin. Bitcoin news about how the cryptocurrency is better than credit card transactions. Blocksign offers electronic signature services based off the blockchain. The Bitcoin Foundation talks to the NYDFS.

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Episode 53 – Bitcoin Point of Sale, Foundation Fallout from Brock Pierce

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the podcast from the road. Darren covers the traditional markets. Toshiba partners with BitPay to offer bitcoin on the VisualTouch Point of Sale software. The Bitcoin Foundation sees members quit over the vote to elevate Brock Pierce to the top position. Gavin Andresen talks about how the blocks in Bitcoin’s blockchain need to grow rather than simply raising the transaction fee requirement.


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