Episode 139 – Mike Hearn Elevates Blockchain Debate and Bitcoin Classic

International News Updates. Venezuela declares a state of emergency. BRICS nations make first $750 million contribution to the New Development Bank. Cryptsy looks for new owners and has a 10,000 BTC loss. Peter Todd engages in fraud with BTC and reddit. Mike Hearn quits the Bitcoin Core Dev Team and elevates the blockchain debate to a new level. Bitcoin Classic has 72-74% support of the mining pools.

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Episode 113 – BRICS Summit and Greek Pitfall

BRICS nations met for a Summit this past week. RC4 security vulnerability may affect bitcoin users. Greek news wrap-up for the week. Socialized losses for Litecoin margin traders. The bitcoin blockchain debate still sees no consensus.

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Show Notes:


DJIA up to 18086

Gold down to 1133

Silver down to 14.84

Oil down to 50.78

30 year treasury down to 3.08%


BTC down to $274

LTC down to $3.71

Doge 63 satoshis


BRICS Summit


Bitcoin Platform Vulnerability


+Greece News

Austerity Measures Votes on with Violent Protests outside


Banks Reopen


German Loan?



Socialized Losses



Block Size Debate



Episode 106 – Forks, Hacks, and BRICS

BitStamp announces a bitcoin debit card for Europeans. The Internal Revenue Service gets hacked and exposes 100,000 individuals. Businesses in Venezuela are switching over to US Dollars. The Ethereum test net suffered a fork. Blockchain.info is recommending Android users update their apps to solve a duplicate address issue. The Bitcoin Block Size debate continues. The BRICS nations are creating a bank.


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Episode 60 – BlackHalo, Swarm and International News with Elizabeth

Darren is in the studio with Elizabeth. JJ joins us via Skype from the road.  BlackCoin and Proof of Stake. BlackHalo/BitHalo offering a decentralized solutions. International news including Mexico, Bulgaria, and the BRICS nations. Coinbase enabling automated discounts.

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