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ODEM Interview with CEO Richard and CTM Dr. Adel

Find out more at: https://odem.io
Can you imagine using an ebay like service for education? Introducing ODEM an International On-Demand Education Marketplace powered by Ethereum and blockchain technologies. In the first installment of NeoCash Newsmakers I interview ODEM Chief Executive Officer Richard Maaghul we also have a brief moment to talk to Chief Technology Mentor Dr. Adel Elmessiry. We discuss the melding of multiple blockchains with Artificial Intelligence to create a peer to peer education service platform. Smart contracts, reputation on the blockchain, and a brick and mortar company with 6 years of experience.

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Ep 235: Is This The Last Moonshot of 2017?

This week Darren is back from his trip to Arizona and he is fired up to talk about crypto! The prices of everything but Bitcoin SegWit is up. This past week the difficulty of the Bitcoin SegWit chain increased by 15%, Coinbase has started offering Bitcoin Cash, and BitPay has announced they will support multiple blockchains starting with Bitcoin Cash. We also talk about South Korean exchange Youbit needed to declare bankruptcy following a hack. Finally we discuss the future of money and what it could mean for crypto.

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BitPay Will Process Payments on Multiple Blockchains, Starting with Bitcoin Cash


“We’ve received repeated requests from merchants and users over the years to support additional blockchain payment methods. Many of the top alternative cryptocurrencies’ blockchains make their own innovations on the features which have made Bitcoin great for payments. These range from faster transaction confirmations to greater payment privacy.

Allowing our merchants to accept payments on other blockchains will open up new customer bases to our merchants.

We will continue to build on the Bitcoin blockchain without interruption. We’re examining every option we can use to allow Bitcoin users to continue to affordably and reliably pay for the things they need, including the current development efforts on the Lightning Network.

We are already working in various parts of our platform to support transactions with SegWit. Segwit is a new set of features in Bitcoin which can reduce the bitcoin miner fee cost for transactions by over 40% on average. However, with average transaction fees already around $20, we understand that Bitcoin alone cannot handle the current demand for blockchain payments.”

Coinbase opens up Bitcoin Cash trading on December 19th ahead of Jan 2018 schedule
Within 4 minutes of listing, trading of BCH was temporarily halted after quoted prices were nearly $9,000, more than $6,000 above the market cap price of $2,900.
Today Coinbase announced it will start an investigation to see if any employees might have violated it’s insider trading rules in the run-up to it’s surprise listing of Bitcoin Cash.
The current Bitcoin Cash price is $4,125 or over 70% rise in 24 hours.  The Bitcoin Cash 24/hr hashrate compared to Bitcoin Segwit has approx doubled to 14.2%.

Bitcoin Segwit Difficulty adjusts up 15% on December 18 increasing unconfirmed transactions

More Bitcoin Segwit futures opened up this week.
After Cboe launched Bitcoin futures on Dec 10, Bitcoin rose 20%.
This week saw the launch of Bitcoin futures from CME Group on the 17th as well as futures via TD Ameritrade for select clients available through Cobe on the 18th.

Youbit exchange to declare bankruptcy after alleged North Korean Hack
Youbit announces it was hacked on Dec 18th of approx 18% of its cryptocurrencies.  Users are suspended from trading and withdrawing holdings. This is the second major hack of this platform, the first occuring in April 2017 when it was known as Yapizon to the amount of 4,000 Bitcoins.

Anonymous sources via Reuters report this hack is similar to the one back in April that had ties to North Korea, however Youbit via a representative denied that this attack originated from there.

December 18th also saw the White House officially named North Korea being behind the May 2017 WannaCry attacks.

300 Million Tethers Issued in the last week.

Charlie Lee sold all his lightcoin.

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Episode 130 – There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch… or College

UBS Chairman loves the blockchain, hates bitcoin. Gold buying spree in China and elsewhere as the price is down. Venezuela threatens hoarders with jail time as conditions worsen. Bitcoin: be your own bank. College education can’t possibly be free, someone is going to pick up the tab.


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Traditional Market

Gold $1084

Silver $14.28

Oil $40.73

DOW 17,245

US 30y Treasury 3.056%

Crypto Markets

BTC $323

LTC $3.05

ETH $0.99


UBS Chairman: Bitcoin Currency Will Fail, Has No Lender of Last Resort


Gold buying spree in China



Venezuela threatens hoarders


Bitcoin Bank


Bitcoin Core


Weak Jobs Report


Bitcoin overtakes yuan on Google trends


US Backs Adding The Yuan to Special Drawing Rights


Episode 84 – Bitcoin Bowl and Oil Derivatives

North Carolina State College wins the first ever Bitcoin Bowl. Brawker lets you by most anything with bitcoin. Ecuador starts to distribute their own digital currency via SMS. Deflation in the EURO zone causes an uptick in commerce. Russia may be less restrictive on bitcoin while price inflation takes hold. What is a derivative?

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