Episode 170 – Bitcoin Core Update, 5th Quill Studios, What’s Monero?

Neocash Radio switches from Sunday to Wednesday nights and officially welcomes an additional co-host for future episodes: Randy Clemens! Here are the TL;DR headlines from today’s show:

California lawmakers shut down again by EFF. Golem releases code, advertised as the AirBnB for computing power. Poloniex de-listing 27 altcoins. The state of Florida appeals the decision of a Miami judge that ruled Bitcoin was not money. $25 Million in DAO funds still unclaimed. Bitwala adds Dash and Steem to their Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum is on the way. A closer look at Bitcoin 0.13.0 and what it means. 5th Quill Studios launches with a great Bitcoin explainer video. Germany warns it’s citizens to stock up on food and water for an impending emergency. And we take a first look at Monero!

All this and more here on Neocash Radio episode 170! Recorded August 24th, 2016.

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Episode 139 – Mike Hearn Elevates Blockchain Debate and Bitcoin Classic

International News Updates. Venezuela declares a state of emergency. BRICS nations make first $750 million contribution to the New Development Bank. Cryptsy looks for new owners and has a 10,000 BTC loss. Peter Todd engages in fraud with BTC and reddit. Mike Hearn quits the Bitcoin Core Dev Team and elevates the blockchain debate to a new level. Bitcoin Classic has 72-74% support of the mining pools.

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