Ep186: Central banks destroy money, A.I. runs a hedge fund, and the “Welfare Cliff”

Pedro joins Darren, JJ, and Randy in-studio to talk about cryptocurrency mining. The European Central bank will do less quantitative easing in the future. The Federal Reserve raises a key interest rate to curb price inflation. Numerai is paying anonymous coders bitcoin to help create an artificial intelligence hedge fund brain. Coinbase loses the court battle but a user is stepping up to stymie the efforts of the IRS. Dash now has its first BitPay-like service. Zero knowledge Proofs and zkSNARKs. Randy has a report on the welfare cliff and how mobile commerce is helping lift people out of poverty.

All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 186 — Wednesday December 14th, 2016!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below! Be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ, Darren, and Randy!

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Traditional Markets Crypto Markets
Gold $1,143 Bitcoin (BTC) $773
Silver $16.80 Litecoin (LTC) $3.58
Oil $50.77 Zcash (ZEC) $43.73
Dow Jones 19,792 points Ethereum (ETH) $8.20
30Y UST Yield 3.179% DASH $9.08
Euro (EUR) $1.05 Monero (XMR) $8.39
Chinese Yuan (CNY) $0.14 Augur REP $3.08
British Pound (GBP) $1.25 1 Doge = 1 Doge

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Episode 176 – Lehman had Deutsche Brothers, when debt ruled the world, and Monero’s darknets go dark?

OPEC may cut oil production and it probably won’t matter. Deutsche Bank won’t be bailed out says German Government. India and Pakistan are fighting again. Your tax dollars hard at work: the Pentagon paid a UK PR firm more than half a billion to make propaganda videos. China’s Yuan gets bolstered by the IMF, joins SDR basket. IMF worries over record debt levels of 225% WORLD GDP. The Federal Reserve looks at Ripple for faster payments. CGI Group launches Ripple validator node joining 121 others. Yahoo is a scumbag for handing ALL emails to the government secretly. SingularDTV ICO is sold out in less than 17 minutes. Blockstream anointed Lightning Network has a successful transaction on the testnet. Monero value plummets as Oasis goes offline and AlphaBay pauses transactions to upgrade their Monero daemon. News organizations sue FBI for details on exploit used in San Bernardino iPhone case.

All this and more on episode 176 here on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016!

We’ve written out short overviews of the topics discussed on today’s show below; be sure to listen in to the whole podcast to get more information, insights, and thoughts on each of them from JJ, Darren, and Randy!

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Gold $1266.50 Bitcoin (BTC) $612.02
Silver $17.73 Litecoin (LTC) $3.81
Oil $49.70 Ethereum (ETH) $13.14
Dow Jones 18281.03 DASH $12.00
30 Year UST 2.425% Monero (XMR) $6.59
STEEM 0.00068 BTC (~$0.41)
AMP 0.0002932 BTC (~$0.18)
1 Doge = 1 Doge

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Episode 154 – The Ethereum DAO Is Now Live

Puerto Rico is facing dark times at their debt crisis grows more dire. Valve’s Steam video game platform now accepts Bitcoin for their more than 125 million users. CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 Conference looks to have a few surprises. A Russian bill seeks to outlaw bitcoin use and jail users. Japan unveils their first blockchain consortium. Plutus combines bitcoin and ethereum as they offer their initial crowd sale. A look at the Ethereum Project’s The DAO. Finally a review of Dash.


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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1293

Silver up $17.82

Oil down $39.59

DOW down 17,773

30Y UST down 2.6796%


Crypto Markets

BTC down $449

LTC  up $3.69

Dash up $6.77

Ether up $8.60

Doge 50 satoshis



Puerto Rico on the brink of default


Steam now accepts bitcoin


CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 Conference starts on Monday.


Russian bill will jail bitcoin users


Japan’s first Blockchain Industry Consortium is formed


Plutus announces crowd sale


Ethereum DAO is now live


A look at DASH


Episode 126 – The NSA Spends Billions to Break Crypto While US Debt Skyrockets

Download the latest client to avoid the upnp vulnerability. Overstocks T0 has first big trade. BitReserve changes name to Uphold and connects banks and credit cards to its platform. Ponzi schemes are still profitable as evidence by the fact that they are still happening. US debt ceiling needs to rise in early November. Purse.IO has a breach. The NSA breaks crypto.

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Traditional Markets

Gold up $1178

Silver up $16.03

Dow up 17,215

Oil down $47.26

30 year down 2.8843%

Crypto Markets

BItcoin $264

Litecoin $2.96

Ether $0.52 (on 18 BTC volume)


Download the latest client to avoid the upnp vulnerability

(Quick) Brazil’s credit rating downgraded


(Quick) Illinois Lottery gives IOUs to winners of $600 or more.   https://www.illinoispolicy.org/win-more-than-600-in-the-lottery-you-get-an-iou-in-illinois/

Overstock’s TØ.com Facilitates First Significant Trade With Block Chain


BitReserve Changes name to Uphold and moves beyond bitcoin


Ponzi Accusations Fly As BanxShares Is Set To Be Removed From CoinMarketCap Rankings


Debt ceiling impasse expected Nov 3rd without legislative change


Customer Bitcoins Stolen in Purse Email Breach


Purse.io Shuts Down Site; Denies Bitcoin Theft Claims by Users



NSA breaking Crypto


How the EFF suggests to secure a SSH server


Episode 125 – Big News from Ingenico

Bitcoind users ought to restart their nodes. Ingenico works with BitPay to integrate bitcoin payments into their POS terminals. The Dow Jones subscriber list has been hacked. Identabit looks to provide a terrible alternative to bitcoin. BitFury and more secret meetings. Is the United States headed for a recession or another QE.



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Traditional Markets

Gold $1157

Silver $15.82

Oil $49.49

Dow Jones 17,084

30 year Treasury 2.9222%

Crypto Markets

BTC $247

LTC $3.11

ETH $0.72

DASH $2.49

Announcement for people running a client



Ingenico integrates Bitcoin mobile payments into POS terminals


Dow Jones Subscriber Database Hacked – Time For Decentralized Solutions




BitFury Hosts Secret Block Chain Summit in Middle East


Blockchain Tech Reduces Corporations’ Reliance on Humans


Will the US see another recession


Episode 97 – Greece Running Out Of Money

Paybase/paycoin is a scam. OTC Bitcoin Asset GBTC goes live. Greece is running out of money and the US is running out of money…. again! Australia looks to tax bank accounts. The EFF and Fred Wilson weigh in on the New York State BitLicense. Convenience stores Seven Eleven Mexico launch a digital currency.

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National Debt Ceiling Reinstated This Week

new_ceilingMonday the national debt Ceiling is back in force.  In theory this should hold government borrowing down to a staggering $18 trillion dollars.  In practice though, it is likely that accounts have been shuffled around to keep the actual borrowing level officially below the ceiling.  If this understanding is correct look out for a large increase in the national debt the moment the ceiling is raised, or re-suspended.