Episode 89 – Coinbase Exchange: Will Compliance Kill the Goose?

Russia cuts interest rates.  Father founds a kingdom for his little princess.  Cloud miner Cointerra goes bust.  Chinese exchange gets hacked of 1000 bitcoins.  Editorial by Amanda B Johnson critical of Coinbase.  Is New York following in Venezuela’s footsteps?


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WoW, so doge

Episode 86 – The Price of Bitcoin

Roger Ver denied visa to US. Overstock.com installs bitcoin ATM and offers to pay employees in Bitcoin. News from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Venezuela. BitStamp was hacked last weekend and is back online following a few days of worry. Darren will be presenting at Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. The Price of Bitcoin and ‘Why is the price as high as it is?’


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Strength of the Petro-Dollar – Episode 85

Oil down and going lower. First “coinfest” to be hosted in Russia.  Reports that Bitstamp is slow processing withdraws.  Listeners of this episode may enjoy this Linkedin article we discussed.  Alleged scam involving paybase and paycoin.  Cody Wilson promotes ending the bitcoin foundation with strong language.


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Episode 72 – Will the Dollar Collapse?

Welcome to our listeners on the Liberty Radio Network! 400 European Banks are now able to allow direct bitcoin purchases. Two United States banks are now using the Ripple Transaction Protocol. JP Morgan Bank was hacked. Darren had a loved one get phished. Austrian Economics and the dollar collapse?

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