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Ep244: ICOs Token Sale Failure Rate, Crypto Forcing Banks to Innovate or Adopt

ICO and token sales suffer nearly the same failure rate as most business start-ups. Dutch RaboBank is looking at creating a cryptocurrency wallet. Poloniex is acquired by Circle. JP Morgan and Bank of America admit that cryptocurrency is very competitive. Germany won’t tax bitcoin when used as a payment. US Department of Justice is making a boogieman out of crypto money laundering. Bitcoin SegWit has seen an increase in segwit adoption up to 30%.

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,316 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $1,302
Silver $16.46 Bitcoin SegWit (SW) $10,985
Oil $61.33 Ethereum (ETH) $875
Dow Jones 24,609 points DASH $619
30Y UST Yield 3.094% Litecoin (LTC) $214

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Episode 138 – Adaptive Block Size Solution

A beta is out for you to get a look at Open Bazaar. Adaptive Block Size Limits and how they would work. China and the US have bad weeks for Stock trading. Venezuela Economy Czar does not believe in inflation. China wants your encryption keys while the Dutch support strong encryption. Switzerland ends banking secrecy.


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