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Episode 116 – Overstock Ether

Overstock.com reveals a new trading platform and Symbiont moves forward with it’s trading platform. BitLicense Reactions are mostly bad. Venezuela is seizing private businesses while the inflation rate climbs to 800% on the year. Tokyo judge rules that Bitcoins are “not subject to ownership”. Tor troubles and upgrades.

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Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrnes unveils t0


Symbiont Issues Securities on the Bitcoin Blockchain to Usher Capital Markets into the Blockchain Era


Bitlicense reaction (Bitstamp applying for bitlicense)




800% inflation


Tokyo Judge rules that Bitcoins are not Property


Problems with Tor?


HorNet allows high speed browsing and is a more secure alternative to Tor.


Greece News


Poorly researched CNN article on encryption


Episode 88 – Euro and Coinbase Wildcard

What a crazy week.  Coinbase has a mysterious announcement coming out Monday at 9am EST. The Euro struggling to keep it’s strength after an announcement of 1.1 trillion euro Quantitative Easing. Paypal’s Braintree is in beta.  Death of the alts?  Hong Kong to Indonesia remittance.  More Turkish censorship?  WSJ features bitcoin.



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Episode 83 — Bitcoin Authenticator with Special guest Chris Pacia

Special Guest Chris Pacia joins us and discusses the Bitcoin Authenticator project.  Time inc. accepts bitcoin.  Cody Wilson running for Bitcoin foundation board.  Follow up on Russian ruble troubles.  Crypto-extortion with TorrentLocker virus.  Speculation of an attack on the Tor network.  Charlie Shrem takes a plea.  Bitcoin network may allow communication that can’t be censored.  Negative interest rates for the Swiss Frank, and general Euro situation assessment.


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