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Episode 53 – Bitcoin Point of Sale, Foundation Fallout from Brock Pierce

Darren is in the studio and JJ joins the podcast from the road. Darren covers the traditional markets. Toshiba partners with BitPay to offer bitcoin on the VisualTouch Point of Sale software. The Bitcoin Foundation sees members quit over the vote to elevate Brock Pierce to the top position. Gavin Andresen talks about how the blocks in Bitcoin’s blockchain need to grow rather than simply raising the transaction fee requirement.


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Episode 43 – Joël Valenzuela, Mt. Gox declares Bankruptcy, Global Unrest

Joël Valenzuela joins JJ and Darren in the studio. Joël gets his job to accept bitcoin for martial arts training. Vietnam bans bitcoin and a US Senator calls for a ban on bitcoin as well. Britain drops the Value Added Tax on trading currencies and bitcoin. The transaction fee for bitcoin will be lowered from .0001 to .00001 per kb.