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Legolas Exchange Interview with Hugo

You’re listening to a special episode of Neocash Radio! In the studio with you it’s JJ. In this special episode I interview the Chief Product Officer of the Legolas Exchange, Hugo Renaudin. We discuss the creation of a premium, institutionally compliant crypto exchange headquartered in France. After a successful LGO token sale the coin agnostic project is building a hybrid design using private protocols and public blockchains.

Legolas Exchange Website

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Disclaimer: This interview is not an endorsement or investment advice. I make no warranty about the claims or projections discussed in this episode. Please be mindful of any and all regulations regarding cryptocurrency in your particular jurisdiction. Never invest/gamble more than you are willing to lose and always safeguard your digital currency by keeping it in a wallet whose private keys you control.

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Episode 146 – Darren’s Bearish on Bitcoin

Confirmation delays as the mempool hits 50MB. Coinbase CEO calls the Bitcoin Core Dev Team a threat to Bitcoin. Darren explains why he is bearish on bitcoin and why bitcoin is not an investment. Open Bazaar releases on the test net. France looks to crush encryption with a new bill. China woes as the stocks fall and 1.8 Million people are layed-off. DROWN attack leaves 33% of https servers vulnerable.


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Episode 96 – Evolution Exit Scam

The darknet market Evolution vanishes while users lose approximately $12 Million in escrow funds. CIA funds have found their way to Al Queda. France’s government has block websites it finds offensive. Airbitz claims to have a one-touch two-factor authentication app for bitcoin. BitReserve adds two more currencies.

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