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Ep244: ICOs Token Sale Failure Rate, Crypto Forcing Banks to Innovate or Adopt

ICO and token sales suffer nearly the same failure rate as most business start-ups. Dutch RaboBank is looking at creating a cryptocurrency wallet. Poloniex is acquired by Circle. JP Morgan and Bank of America admit that cryptocurrency is very competitive. Germany won’t tax bitcoin when used as a payment. US Department of Justice is making a boogieman out of crypto money laundering. Bitcoin SegWit has seen an increase in segwit adoption up to 30%.

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Traditional Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Markets
Gold $1,316 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $1,302
Silver $16.46 Bitcoin SegWit (SW) $10,985
Oil $61.33 Ethereum (ETH) $875
Dow Jones 24,609 points DASH $619
30Y UST Yield 3.094% Litecoin (LTC) $214

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Episode 102 – Patents and ASICs in your Toaster

Mexico sells US Dollars for Pesos. China may have melding bitcoin with stock exchanges. Quantum computing sees a break through. Circle receives funding from Goldman Sachs as they look to develop a bitcoin wallet that also supports US Dollars. BitGO seeks a patent on multisig while the reddit community is in outrage. 21 Inc a secretive bitcoin start-up may be looking to put ASICs in “all the things”.


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