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Episode 84 – Bitcoin Bowl and Oil Derivatives

North Carolina State College wins the first ever Bitcoin Bowl. Brawker lets you by most anything with bitcoin. Ecuador starts to distribute their own digital currency via SMS. Deflation in the EURO zone causes an uptick in commerce. Russia may be less restrictive on bitcoin while price inflation takes hold. What is a derivative?

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Episode 32 – China Strikes Back While India Primes

Bitcoin pulls back from a rally led by China after a notice issued by the People’s Bank of China : Bitcoin in China’s Special Economic Zone : Man bought Tesla for Bitcoin from dealership : Mastercoin first look (http://bitcoinmagazine.com/7961/mastercoin-a-second-generation-protocol-on-the-bitcoin-blockchain/) : Bitcoin is on the rise in India : Gold, Silver, US Treasury Bonds, Inflation, Interest, Dollar Value

Episode 29: Amanda BillyRock joins us to discuss Zerocoin, Venezuela, and more.

Bitcoin Nodes

Amanda BillyRock – youtube.com/abillyrock – joins JJ and Darren in the studio : Zerocoin will use their own blockchain : Venezuela is still forcing electronic retailers to sell products at low prices : China is now number two in the world for bitcoin nodes : Coin Validation is the next attempt by the US Government to track the bitcoin network : Federal regulators are meeting to talk about bitcoin

Episode 26 – Bitcoin Up, Dollar Down

Bitcoin breaks $200 again : U.S. Government debt ceiling suspended : NY Times article calls for higher price inflation : Bitcoin Machine and Bitcoin ATM : India gold prices up as the metal is hard to come by : China bitcoin price is leading the global market : Bitcoin infrastructure is growing with many gift cards available


Episode 18 – Central Banks

Amanda BillyRock joins the show once again (amandabillyrock.com) : Bitcoin mining power and difficulty rising : Gresham’s Law : Brain Wallets and Security : India Rupees trading for Dollars : Quantitative Easing : Federal Reserve : Fractional Reserve Baking : Internet Archive Federal Credit Union drops Bitcoin clients : Local Bitcoins : Avoiding use of a bank