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Episode 143 – The First Bitcoin Classic Block is Mined

Segregated Witness: the pros and cons. Google pilot program in the UK steers extreme searches to anti-radicalism websites. Federal Agent from the Silk Road case is arrested again. The Federal Reserve raises interest rates on excess reserves. First Bitcoin Classic block is mined while classic nodes make up 15% of the network. Windows 10 spying is out of control and can’t be stopped. Gold value is up as investors return to the safe haven. The Chinese are losing faith in their currency. Value to accept bitcoin on Steam.


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Episode 122 – Interview from Ghana, No Rate Hike From the Fed

We interview the leaders behind BitUnit in Ghana, Africa and talk about their upcoming conference. The Federal Reserve decides not to raise interest rates this month – hype has already begun that they will do so next month. Debt ceiling woes are clamoring once again. 9 big banks look to the blockchain technology.


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Show Notes:

Traditional Markets
Gold up $1140
Silver up $15.18
Dow down to 16,384
Oil up $44.98
30 year US Treasury down slightly to 2.934%

Crypto Markets
BTC steady at $230
LTC $2.83
ETH $0.95


Stay tuned for discussion about the FEDs recent decision and what it might mean for the markets. First up we have an interview from


Discussion about interest rate non-hike

Debt ceiling


Nine of the World’s Biggest Banks Form Blockchain Partnership